Rejected sweetheart charged with stalking and harming home of ex-girlfriend in Logan

LOGAN, Utah-- A Smithfield man has been accuseded of 14 counts consisting of stalking and criminal mischief after authorities apprehended him beyond his ex-girlfriend's apartment in Logan.25-year-old Luke James Champlin was apprehended on Might 2, after an examination that began on March 30, 2018. Luke James Champlin charged with stalking ex-girlfriend. Inning accordance with court files, the first report from the woman

who shares an apartment or condo near 500 North and 600 East with two female roommates, had to do with an oily substance poured on her vehicle.Between April 7 and April 29, there were six more incidents, all late in the evening or early in the morning.The front patio light at

the house was stolen on April 7 and again on April 22. Firecrackers were triggered in the window well of

the house on April 11 and April 13. Likewise on April 13 and once again on April 29,

a door manage on the female's car along with the trunk latch, tire valve stems and windscreen wipers were covered with superglue.On Might 2 at midnight, investigators with Logan police began a stakeout of the apartment.Thirty minutes later on, a guy approached the apartment or condo and bent down for

numerous minutes and left.He returned once again a couple of minutes later, and the detectives

decided to attempt to stop him.One yelled"Cops, Stop!" but the guy ran off.Another officer stopped a silver Toyota Corolla

leaving the area and detained Champlin.The woman told police she had actually dated him for 6 months but the relationship ended in February.Of the 14 Class A misdemeanor counts Champlin deals with,

six are for stalking, 4 for criminal mischief, 3 for theft and one for failure to pick up

an authorities officer.Out of concern for the lady and her roomies, arresting

officers asked that he be held without bail.Instead, a judge set a money only bail at$10,000.