County preparing proposed facilities projects

On a split 3-2 vote last week, Meeker County commissioners approved continuing with styles for three major building projects under consideration.The board approved an agreement with Wold Architects to supply schematic designs for a proposed a new government center and comprehensive renovation of the court home and Household Providers Structure for $100,000.

Commissioners Larson, Tacheny and Huberty enacted support, with Commissioners Oberg and Housman ballot in opposition.Commissioner Larson kept in mind

that starting the structure task with and summary of all three tasks was an efficient way to go noting the connection in between a new government center task and court house remodeling.Board Chairperson Beth Oberg noted that while she supported the new government center concept, she supported a more progressive method by the county to the major tasks being considered.Commissioners took no action on a Wold Designer proposal to offer total service on all 3

significant construction offers, a total estimated cost of$667,000. Fees proposed were$300,000 for the Household Service project with a $4 million building and construction expense;$180,000 for

a brand-new government center with a$3 million construction expense; and $187,000 for a courthouse renovation with a $2.5 million building expense.