Beware the Pitfalls of the Principle Place of Residence Exemption and the 6-Year Absence Rule

As some of the readers may be aware, the Tax Office allows taxpayers who have lived in a property as the principle place of residence to subsequently rent that property out for a period of 6-years and as long as they move back into that property and subsequently sell that property, no capital gains tax will apply as long as that property continues to be their only principle place of residence.

Serviced Apartments for Property Investors: A less stress alternative

Staying ahead of changes in the property market can be hard work, and knowing when and where to make a move and buy is probably the most significant decision you can make. While there’s no doubt it can be exhilarating to invest in property, it can also be fraught with times of stress, doubt and regret. There is, however, another strategy for property investors that takes out some of the stress, worry and burden of research.

Saving for the future: diversifying your investments

There are many wealth creation models you can choose from to increase your personal finances and for some, they believe the answer lies in diversification. They like to spread investments between super, shares, property and other investments such as bonds and index funds. While diversification does have many benefits from a risk mitigation point of view, it can also have its drawbacks.