Energy-Saving Upgrades For The Home

If you own a home, chances are you have collected a list of renovations and upgrades you’d like to accomplish. Many consider upgrades for energy efficiency purposes. Here's a closer look at 5 energy saving upgrades one should consider during their next home project.

See a rare West African conservation success story


As his wooden pirogue putt-putts through the dense man­groves of Senegal’s Sine-Saloum Delta, Mamadou Bakhoum is in a race with the tide. Dressed some­what incongruously in an ill-fitting beekeep­ing suit, he keeps a weather eye on the congested mass of roots beside the boat. If the water rises much higher, his latest honey haul will have to wait. “Sometimes the tide here is hard to predict,” says the muscular agri­cultural engineer, one hand resting on the...

Double Storey Bungalow resort house at Gopeng, Perak for sale with Orchard Land with durian & palm o


Nice Bungalow resort style home for sale This is a agricultural title Land with a nice bungalow resort home. Double Storey Building size: 40' x 73' Lock stock and barrel Car porch 80 durian trees 2 acres palm oil 6-7 years Water from stream from Hi....

If Hongkongers need excuse to drink, this is it


For some, life in Hong Kong is a cocktail of parties and social events washed down with an alcoholic beverage or two. But if being a social butterfly has left you feeling morally bankrupt, Drink For Good may be just the tonic you need. To be held on Thursday, the event is hosted by HandsOn Hong Kong, a charity that provides volunteers for the city’s community support organisations. This year’s event is supported by more than 60 bars and restaurants, from Central and Wan Chai to...