How to choose a great property investment location

Choosing the right location is critical. When investing, you’re not selecting a location where you would necessarily choose to live. It’s a time to put personal preferences aside and look at the facts, and ultimately choose a location that will offer you the best investment return. There’s no point snagging a bargain if there’s little rental demand, leaving you with no tenant to provide income.

Taman Universiti Indah,Seri Kembangan, 2 STOREYS LINK FACTORY FOR RENT


Taman Universiti Indah,Seri Kembangan, 2 STOREYS LINK FACTORY FOR RENT RM 5,500  Taman Universiti Indah is a good place to live in as it is a matured area with its close proximity of approximately 5 minutes to Serdang town, Jusco in Equine Park and ....

First impressions of Commissary, Admiralty – busy during happy hour but flavours need work


With temperatures dropping, a great spot to hang out is Commissary on Level 4 of Pacific Place, right by the taxi stand. We went just a few days after it opened and the outside area waspackedwith customers for happy hour. It’s a comfortable space with a contemporary design. The menu says the food draws on influences from various cuisines, including Californian and Mexican, but what we tasted didn’t justify the prices. We were pleased to find on the drinks menu a section called...

Structural Standpoint: What Makes a Home Foundation Sound?

Now that the American real estate market is enjoying a solid rebound, residential construction and custom-homebuilding are on the upswing. Prospective homeowners are once again interested in specialized homes, which entails making certain decisions about how the property should be built.

When it comes to choosing home foundations, future homeowners should think of the following:

Concrete Blocks vs. Poured Concrete
Although masonry is an honored craft that has served humanity well for many centuries, stone and block foundations have been largely replaced by poured concrete. In some cases, a combination of concrete block and poured concrete can be used to support different parts of the house, but many builders these days mostly prefer poured foundations because they are known to reduce the potential for cracks and leaks.

Soil Analysis
This step takes place before forming, and is one of the most important. The soil analysis takes into account water tables, ground conditions, potential impact of flood plains, and porosity. Choosing the right mix of backfill according to the soil analysis is crucial, particularly in areas where the ground is known to be very fertile, which means that it is rich in organic matter and bound to expand during the rainy season.

Types of Home Foundations
Builders settle on the types of foundations they will use according to local building codes and the practicality of construction. In warm climates, a raised slab of poured concrete can be formed into a single unit that combines the footing with the actual foundation elements. A more unusual type of foundation involves building the home entirely on concrete piers; however, building codes now call for footing and pier foundations.

Materials Testing
Laying out foundations primarily made of poured concrete is a laborious process. For this reason, it is not uncommon to run into situations whereby laborers may not lay a perfect foundation on the first attempt. Material testing is essential in residential construction, particularly in areas that are rich in aquifers or of high seismicity. Builders use concrete monitoring equipment, like the products found at Certified Material Testing Products, after the concrete mix has been poured and set to measure possible displacement and cracks caused by shifting of the foundation, backfill or soil. It is not unusual to repair foundations after pouring. Not all cracks or imperfections are caused by improper forming, and thus builders wait a few days to monitor how the concrete cures and sets.

In the future, precast foundations and concrete forming made of advanced polyethylene material will make home foundations sturdier than they are today, and they will also make the construction process easier.

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Inspired by Cobonpue, young designer creates his own distinctive furniture line

Vito Selma was in secondary school when he took part in a design workshop led by Kenneth Cobonpue. Selma, 32, is now following in Cobonpue’s footsteps. In 2009, after studying design in San Francisco and Milan, he returned to Cebu to work in his family’s furniture factory. He began his own design practice three years ago. “I’m my family’s client now. They do the manufacturing,” he says. Though Selma’s path to design might echo that of Cobonpue, his...

Favourite Hong Kong restaurants of Park Lane Pullman Hotel’s general manager, Luc Bollen


The nature of my job makes me always want to try new things, so I am hardly a loyal and returning patron. I try to keep a balance between eating out and home-cooked meals. Again, my job isn’t always kind to my waistline and diet, but when going out I like diversity. I like things I haven’t tried before. Good times are about discovery, being awed. There are, however, a couple of places I frequent when I just want to relax and not go out [to discover something]. The Sichuan...

Penfolds recorking clinic is date night for wine lovers, from New York to Asia


The building, on a tree-lined avenue in New York’s Upper East Side, is called Academy Mansion. Somewhere on one of the floors above us, Mr Big once unveiled a cavernous walk-in closet for Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes in the Sex and the City film. Another day, it may well be a stage set for something else, but in late October, the wrought-iron railings either side of the front door state, ‘Welcome to The Penfolds House’. The cameras and film stars have been replaced by wine...