RM40,000,000 - Shop-Office - IPOH
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College Campus Ipoh, IPOH, PERAK, Malaysia

Listing Type: Sale
Property Type: Residential
Property Type (Sub): Shop-Office
Price: RM40,000,000
Bedroom: Bachelor
Bathroom: 1
Size (acre): 0
Land Title Type: Commercial
Listing by: reagency
REN / CEA / ID: 30344
Agency / Company Name: GDS PROPERTIES

Property Type

An institutional premises comprising a four (4) storey main building (Block A), two blocks of four (4) storey classrooms (Block B and Block C), an afjoining block of two (2) storey laboratory building (Block D1 and Block D2), a three (3) storey auditorium block (Block E), a single storey multipurpose hall (Block F), a four (4) storey hostel (Block G), a single storey mini market, a single storey surau, a double storey command centre, a TNB substation and three guard houses together with a parcel of vacant industrial land.


The subject property is located within Kawasan Perusahaan IGB, an industrial development sited off the eastern (right) side of Jalan Kuala Kangsar, travelling from Ipoh town centre towards Chemor/Sungai Siput. It is located about 12 kilometres(7.46 miles) to the north east of Ipoh town centre.

Surroundings and Neighbourhood
The surroundings are predominantly of industrial and commercial buildings as well as vacant parcels of detached industrial plots. The nearest commercial area mainly comprising two to three storey terraced shp/offices.

Hotels developments in vicinity include Times Inn Hotel, Highway Hotel, MH Hotel and Paragon City Hotel.

The Sunway ‘ Lost World of Tambun’ the water park with its very own natural hot springs is located about 13 kilometres to subject property.


Leasehold (expiring 17/10/2089)

Description of PRoperty
The sites comprises three (3) adjoining parcels of land, having a combined title land area of 438,037 sq.ft)

Lot 181679 – 166,442
Lot 181680 – 135,507
Lot 181681 – 136,088
Total - 438,037

Building Servies
Air Conditioning System
The building is generally equipped with cassette type and split unit air- conditioning system.

Fire Fighthing System
Fire protection equipment installed within the buildings comprises the following;
• Hose reel system
• Fire break-glass alarm system
• Portable fire extinguisher
• Smoke detector
• Lighted “EXIT” signs
• fire rated doors

Security System & Servives
The security system for the building comprises the following;
• Closed circuit television (CCTV) system at cashier counter
• Security guards

Water supply
The building is served ith cold and hot water supply drawn directly off from reticulation mains through metres and fed to the fire fighting tanks. There are also domestic water storage tanks located on the roof top.

Electricity supply
The incoming electricity supply to the building from Tenaga Nasional Berhad.

Aking Price
RM40,000,000-00 (Forty Million)

For further information, please contact

Tel: 03-40426141 Fax: 03-40425034
GOVIN BALA ( 013-365 6141 )
E-mail: [email protected]

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